Campagnolo Centaur 10SP Cassettes

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The profile of the teeth, completely redesigned in line with the Ultra-Drive? project, makes it possible to achieve the maximum response speed at the moment of shifting. Sprocket Synchronization- sprocket tuning is carefully designed to ...

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How to service 2002 Centaur 10sp shifers

I bought a used pair of silver Centaur 10 shifters from around 2002, and the right shifter feels a bit loose, so wanted to ask for advice on how to rebuild / service before I put them on the bike. What parts should I order? Where do I order from? Where I do get part nos? And is this a DIY job ... Read More »

Can I use 10sp Centaur Shifters with 57mm reach brakes?

I want to build up a Gunnar Sport. Can I use Centaur 10 sp. brifters with the 57mm long reach brakes Gunnar says you need? Thanks.Read More »

New style 10sp Centaur levers on Old style 10sp?

I'm sure this has been covered, and I must be using the wrong search terms. Can I use a set of "new style" Centaur 10 sp shifters (i.e., these: [url][/url]) on an "old style" 10 speed drive train? I'm aware that the "new style" Centa ... Read More »

Centaur 10sp. chain. Whats the deal?

Finding a Centaur chain is like locating hens teeth. I have read that Campy has updated the Centaur groupo for 2010, along with the chain. Is it that they are not out of production yet?Read More »

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