Phil Wood Track Cog Cassettes

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Rear cogs are available for standard rear track hubs. They have both 3/32" and 1/8" widths. The threading is 1.370" x 24 tpi. They are available from 12 to 22 teeth. Rear ISO bolt pattern cogs are manufactured in 1/8" widths. The bolt pattern and screw size are same as that used in the disc brake hubs. The cogs are available in 16 through 22 teeth.

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DA Track Cog price jump?

So I'm shopping around to change my gearing on my fixed, since I have 14T DA cog, and apparently prices have jumped 50% I mean I bought mine for 20 bucks, now I see 35-40 bucks a pop. Blame the hipsters? Blame the natural disaster? Blame the economy? I'm on the verge of buying a WI freewheel ... Read More »

Tools to remove freewheel and track cog..

Never seen these before. The freewheel has 8 notches, Fixed 4Read More »

Cog spacers on track hub?

Thanks to those who helped with my "absolute confusion on chainline" thread below. It looks like my best solution is to go with the chainring on the inside of the cranks- I actually really like the way it looks that way. My only potential problem is chainstay clearance with the ring. My spindle ... Read More »

ENO Track cog

I hope this post doesn't get deleted like my last one. Here is the White Ind. ENO Track cog and lockring, a perfect addition to the ENO Eric's Eccentric hub, or any other hub out there. UPS is my friend. I punched the guy on the guy for making me wait an extra day for my parts, but thanks to t ... Read More »

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