Electra Bicycle Company Twister Chainrings

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tuscaloosa twister

[url]http://vimeo.com/22970879[/url] does shyt your pants have any particular meaning? listen to the guy's breathing, sheer terror, man. pound for pound i dont know there is any form of meterological anomaly more terrifying. and these arent even in the first category. cat one can blow close t ... Read More »

My New Guerciotti Twister

Hi Guys! So, my will power took a back seat... (yet again) and the fruit of that event was this bike. A 2006 Guerciotti Twister. I built it with Record/Chorus mix and Proton wheels. For me to keep this bike, I agreed (with the Mrs) to list my 2005 Wilier Triestina Lavaredo (Campy Daytona w/ Vent ... Read More »

The real Conti-Twister Pro

Just got the $19 Conti's from performance. These things are no where near 37mm. 31.65mm sidewall to sidewall 34.27mm Treadblock to treadblock. on a 13mm inside 20mm outside rim (FIR Net 97) Made in Taiwan Labeled as 28x1 3/8 x 1 5/8Read More »

Conti Twister Pro cross tires....how are these?

I see these tires on sale for about $20 right now. How are these tires as cross tires? Are they worth it? I have used the twisters on a MTB tire and thought they were pretty good tires, definately were fast and offered a lot more traction than they look like they would have. Buy or skip (wou ... Read More »

Source for 37c Conti Twister Pros?

Does anyone have an idea where I could scare up a pair of 37 x 700c Conti Twister Pro cross tires in the US? Webcyclery had them for a while and sold them all out. Any other suggestions for cross tires in the 37-38c range that would be suitable for trail riding? I can't fit anything bigger than ... Read More »

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