FSA Campy 11 Chainrings

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New 11 speed compatible chainrings for Campagnolo. BCD - 130mm, 5 bolt Teeth - 34, 39, 50 or 53T Colour - Black or Titanium

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campy 11 speed chain

Installed one few months ago with campy chain tool . Now the pin has came loose and only barley attached to the outer plate . How should I fix this problem , new chain , new pin or use the chain tool and push the old pin back to the inner plate . Thankx for the helpRead More »

remove & re install campy 11 speed chain?

I have to transfer parts over to a new frame on my son's bike...he's growing like crazy. His bike has campy 11 speed. Can the chain be removed and re-installed, or do I have to buy a new chain?Read More »

I wish the Campy 11 speed cranks were cheaper...

Campy has (unintentionally?) made their cranks "better" backward compatible. The 11 speed cranks shift the 10 speed chain amazingly well, even better than the 10 speed versions. I'm scouring the internet on a good deal for a Record 11 speed crankset to switch one of my bikes over to compact, but so ... Read More »

Campy 11 Brifter Securing Band Bolt Access

I'm wrestling with the Chorus 11 brifter hoods. Getting access to the securing band bolt is tough. Campy 8 hoods are much easier (from the front and from the back), but that's also because they're old (and the front of the hoods are easy to pull away). I'd prefer to come from the front, bu ... Read More »

Confused on 2010 Cosmic Carbon SLR campy 11 sp upgrade.

Hi All, I owned a pair of 2010 Cosmic Carbon SLR wheel, the version with silver braking track. It is currently installed with campy 10 speed cassette. I believed my wheel has ED10 free hub. Now I am upgrading my bike to campy 11 speed. I have searched and read some of the related posts, but I ... Read More »

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