FSA Campy 11 Chainrings

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New 11 speed compatible chainrings for Campagnolo. BCD - 130mm, 5 bolt Teeth - 34, 39, 50 or 53T Colour - Black or Titanium

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11 speed shimano wheel on campy 11 bike?

thanks to tthome I just took advantage of the performance bikes $600 sale on power tap g3 wheels (less than a power tap!). From what I have read by Zinn etc this shimano wheel will work on my 11speed campy bike. is this correct and does anyone have any real world experience with this? I am getting r ... Read More »

Campy Record 10 Speed and Super Record 11 Speed Front Chain Ring and Crank Arm

I currently have a 53/39T with 170mm arm Record 10 Speed. Would I have shifting issues if I replaced it with a 50/34T with 170mm Super Record 11 Speed crank? ThanksRead More »

Trouble with Campy 11

Hi, I have circa 2009 Campy Super Record 11 and the rear derailleur is fluttering and making noise when under load in the mid cassette range when using the small chainring. It only happens under load (not on the bike stand or during easy spinning). It is a new chain and cassette and the cabl ... Read More »

Defective batches of Campy 11-27 cassettes ?

Couple weeks ago I ordered & received a new Campy Chorus 11-27 cassette (cogs: 11-12-13-14-15- 17-19-21- 23-25-27 teeth). The 17t cog (1st cog on the 1st "triplet") was noisy and mis-indexing, it always feels like a "half click" off. By comparison, my 11-25 & 12-27 cassettes are quiet and prop ... Read More »

Campy 11 Left Shifter Slipping

Thanks for any help you can with this: I build up my bike from the ground up, using used but pretty new parts. I've ridden this bike for around 500 miles and was working perfectly with no issues. After a long ride, my front derailleur now does not stay in the big ring. Moving the lever DOES move t ... Read More »

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