K-Edge Cyclocross Single Chainrings

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If you're interested in converting your dual chainring equipped 'cross bike to a single chainring, we've simplified the process for you. Our Cyclocross Single Chainring Kit has all the parts you need to make the conversion, and you won't have to scramble for this or that to try to make something work for your bike.The kit consists of three essential components -- a single ring-specific Salsa 42t Chainring, a K-Edge Ring Guard, and a K-Edge Cross Single Chain Catcher. We've assembled these particular parts for two reasons. Firstly, we know they work in perfect unison. Secondly, it's a complete kit, ready to bolt-on in place of your existing components.All you'll need to do is remove your old chainrings and bolt the new chainring and guard in their place using the original fasteners. The Chain Catcher clamps onto any round seat tube as long as it's either 31.8 or 34.9mm in diameter. Adjust it in and out/up and down to prevent the chain from bouncing off the ring, and you'll be ready for business. You might even consider shortening your chain as well, since you won't need the extra length needed for two chainrings any longer. We'd say it's optional, but you'll enjoy a bit less chain slap on the chainstay and save a few grams in the process.The Cyclocross Single Chainring Kit is available to fit the aforementioned 31.8 or 34.9mm seat tube diameters and Standard or Compact cranksets with 110 or 130mm bolt circles.

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