Shimano 105 5600 Chainrings

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Shimano 105 FC-5600 52 Tooth 10-speed Chainring

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105 Shifter Model Change 5510 to 5600?

Can I replace a Shimano 105 Right 9 Sp Model 5510 shifter with a Right Shimano 10 sp Model 5600 shifter? Or is this not combatable? Problems/issues? The left triple Shimano 105 5510 shifter is working fine. The right shifter is shot and needs replacement. The bike currently has a Sora rear ... Read More »

105 5600 brake caliper equivalent?

I'm upgrading some of the pieces on my bike, which has a full 105 group except for the brakes, which are a cheap, flexy Tektro part. But I'm having trouble locating a set of 5600-model calipers (in black), not even having much luck on eBay. There are a lot of 5700 calipers out there, but my under ... Read More »

how to identify shimano 105 5600 brake/shifters

i purchased a set on ebay, and it was advertised as a 10 spd double. I ended up bringing it to a shop to install, and when I went to pick it up, the bike mechanic said that i have 9 spd shifters. How can I tell if I have 5500 series or 5600 series Shimano 105 levers?Read More »

Question about 105` (5600)

I have 105` shifters (5600) on my bike. I noticed that the left and right shifters have different sizes. The way it should be? Or they are from different sets? :confused:Read More »

Shimano 105 5700 levers compatible w/ 5600 calipers?

Hi All, Can someone tell me if 105 5700 shifter/brake levers are compatible with 5600 brake calipers? My searches came up with the exact opposite (5700 brake calipers w/ 5600 shifter/brake levers). Thanks for your knowledge in advance.Read More »

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