Shimano CX70 Chainrings

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Shimano CX70 Compact Chainring

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Ultegra 6800 or 6700 with CX70 for 'Cross?

I'm going to start putting together a new rig for CX this fall after not racing in 7 years and still owning an ancient alu Redline Conquest Pro with Ultegra 6500 on it (LOL). Anyway, I know what I'm going to do for frame/fork/wheels and I'm just curious what group folks think is better in the mu ... Read More »

SRAM Rival vs Shimano CX70 (Ultegra) crankset?

Hey guys, I'm looking to upgrade my clunky old FSA Gossamer crankset and i'm looking at the Rival or the Shimano CX70. One of the biggest problems i have is the front shifting using the Gossamer and Rival FD combination. Its terrible at best. I've never had trouble setting up a FD before this com ... Read More »

SRAM Rival vs Shimano CX70 (Ultegra) crankset?

Hey guys, I'm in the market for a new crankset and i'm looking at the Rival and the CX70 at the same price point. Any opinions? Thanks!Read More »

Shimano CX70 Fr. Der. - compatible w/ Campy Ergo

Does anyone know if the Shimano FD-CX70 Front Derailleur is compatible with the Campy Ergo (left front shifter)? [url=]Product[/url] I am assuming that it is si ... Read More »

Experience with Shimano CX70/50 Cranksets?

Has anyone had some reasonable time on the cx70 or 50 crankset and could share their impressions regarding stiffness, weight, etc? I know the 70 is supposed to be Ultegra level and the 50 between 105 and Tiagra. Would you agree with that from your experience? And do you use the cx70/50 front dera ... Read More »

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