Tiso Time Trial Triathlon Chainrings

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Tiso Time Trial Triathlon Chainring

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Triathlon vs Time Trial vs Road Toptube lengths

Question for you Tri-guys: Is your TT length on your road bike the same as your Tri set-up? All my road bikes have a 55cm-ish TT. I bought a Kestrel Talon with a 55.6cm TT to add to my stable and is currently a road set up. I eventually want to try a tri and convert the Talon. I thought I would ... Read More »

time trial vs road in preparaiton for triathlon

After 20 years of participating in triathlons on my road bike with aero clip on bars, I finally acquired a time trial bike for racing tri's. I'm preparing for Ironman Arizona in April, 2005. Ideally, I would like to do all my long tri specific rides on my TT, and perform with more frequency my short ... Read More »

Shopping for a Time Trial/Triathlon Bike

I am considering purchasing a Serotta steel CXII for the 2005 season with carbon seat stays. I plan to use this 95% for time trials and the rest occasionally for a triathlon. Does anyone know much about this frame or do you own one?Read More »

Time Trial/Triathlon Frames

Hello! I am planning to purchase a new frame which will be used for about 95% time trials and occasionally a triathlon. Are there differences between time trial and triathlon bikes? How about the new Serotta CXII? They advertise it to be comfortable and more efficient with it being custo ... Read More »

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