Vuelta Flat Road Chainrings

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Vuelta Flat Road Chainring 135bcd

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???Trigger Shifters 2 X 9 Shimano Flat Bar Road bike?????

Hi, I am looking for a set of trigger shifters for a 2 x 9 Flat Bar Road bike conversion of a Cannondal R700, money is a consideration, and I would prefer a natural aluminum finish. I will probably run 25s, but I was considering 28s, but I doubt the CAAD 7 will allow that??? I am not opposed to use ... Read More »

What is your common gear ratio on flat road?

On 53/39T rear with 11-25T rear, my most common ratio is either: 53/15 = 3.53 (6th) 53/14 = 3.79 (7th) Although my cadence is not very fast.Read More »

52x17 on flat road

I am putting a 52t chainring on my Casseroll. I live on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. That means little to no climbing. I am doing it to build some strength and get some good fitness. Is that gear huge (83 gear inches)? I can't wait. I am actually over winter, even though I have a Mukluk. Thanks.Read More »

Sette Xion (flat bar road bike) sizing

I am looking to get a commuter bike. I like the sette Xion but have a hard time with their sizing. All the other road bikes I have tried are 54 and their chart suggest to use a 58 for my height 5'11. with 33 1/3 of inseam. My only other bike is a santa cruz superlight mountain bike Large. ... Read More »

Mavic Smooth Road Racing Tire, Flat Spot

The years I've been road riding I've yet to have a road tire with a flat spot from the factory. The store that I got them at is going to replace it, but it was a first. Anyone else ever have this one happen?Read More »

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