WickWerks Junior Road Chainrings

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Junior gear restrictions were implemented to help juniors learn to ride tactically by keeping early developers (strong kids) in the pack, and to limit joint tension by having them learn to spin faster instead of pushing the pedals so hard. Whether reduced gear sizes accomplish that or not is up for debate, but most US sanctioned races have Junior gear restrictions. The rollout is defined as the distance a bike travels in one full pedal revolution when in its highest gear. This is usually measured by pushing the bike backward (so the pedals turn with the wheel). In the US, the rollout distance is 26'-0" (7.93 m).

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As small as they go: Junior road bikes

I've been fixing up old 'Junior' road bikes for my kids and thought you'd like some pics of REALLY SMALL road bikes. Post your "juniors" here too. 24" Motobecane Junior Sprint (13 y.o. son's) [IMG]http://i159.photobucket.com/albums/t144/yachtie/August2012016.jpg[/IMG] at the track: [IMG]http://i ... Read More »

24" Junior Road

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Road bike or Cross bike for Junior?

My son is almost 15 and will be riding with me in a 200 mile 2-day charity ride this summer. He's been training on a too small Bianchi Eros, and it is time to get him a bigger bike (He's already 5'11"). I'm paying for half and we've been looking at an '03 Lemond Tourmalet, a new Specialized Allez, ... Read More »

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