Zipp Speed Weaponry Vuma Quad Chainrings

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Product Description

Zipp Vuma Quad Chainring. Chain rings for the Zipp VumaQuad crank system. These are custom 4 bolt, 110mm BCD rings designed for this crank. The 4th bolt is integrated with the crank arm. The rings use a "NoNuts" system, threading the bolts into the smalle

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Dogma/ vuma quad

Has anyone installed it on there bike yet? Does it really weight 580 + 100 Grams for the bb? I am trying to figure out whether to get the SR Ti crank which seems lighter than the Vuma Quad, but I think it has to do with the BB. I could use some techy help on this. ThanksRead More »

Cento UNO SL run with a Vuma Quad Crank?

Does anyone know if this will work? Been trying to find the answer and no luck.Read More »

Cento UNO SL run with a Vuma Quad Crank?

Can some one help me out and let me know if you can install a Vuma Quad Crankset on the new Cento Uno SL?Read More »

vuma quad bolt snap

hey all. i recently installed a zipp vuma quad crank on my bike. i followed all the instructions and used a torque wrench to install (40 NM) on todays spin around I got some play in the crank, pulled over and the drive side came off the bike in my hand! the head on the bolt has snapped. urg, it is ... Read More »

BB30/Vuma Quad...Compatable????

BB 30 gurus....Can I use Zipp Vuma Quads on my Cannondale BB 30 frame? If so, what extras do I need to make it work? Thanks.Read More »

Read More »



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