Charge Bikes Masher Chains

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Made entirely from half links, which allows shortening ofThe chain insmaller increments for idealTension on Fixies and Single Speeds. Durable hardened steel links Straight outer plates 1/8" single speed 100 links

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Diary of a masher made spinner

A little background on me. I've only been cycling a bit over a month and have been hitting the LBS group ride for 4 weeks. I was in an Atlanta area county fire rescue academy for 5 months and they destroyed/rebuilt our legs for strength. So once starting cycling I thought that mashing was the wa ... Read More »

Carbon Seat Stays Strong Enough for a Heavy Masher?

I'm considering a Serotta Fierte TI and wonder about the carbon seat stays. I recently wore out a columbus steel frame after only 4000 miles (and some time on the trainer this winter) and am upgrading to Titanium to prevent this from happening again. I weigh 200 lbs and am a masher. My question i ... Read More »

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