K-Edge ACS Chains

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Installed behind the outboard bearing bottom bracket, K-Edge's ACS (anti chain-suck) chain deflector helps prevent damage to the drive-side chainstay.

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Actual weight of Williams ACS Maxim 42cm bar

My digital scale readout is too small + my camera just plain stinks, but the actual weight of my new Williams ACS 42cm bar is 225 grams. About 10 grams under claimed. The compact bar is perfect for my needs and lops off 102 grams from my oem Scott bar. Win-win!Read More »

ACS 1/8 Singlespeed chain

I went to LBS for a 1/8 chain, they were out of their usual stock but sold me an ACS singlespeed chain for like $10. I was a bit skeptical (it is cheap and it looks cheap), but I have to say this is an excellent chain. I am running it on my commuter, a Surly Karate Monkey, with a 22T 1/8 Surly cog ... Read More »

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