FSA Carbon Track Cranksets

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FSA Carbon Track Crankset FSA (Full Speed Ahead) Carbon Track Cranksets constructed of monocoque unidirectional carbon fiber. Monocoque unidirectional carbon fiber 42mm chainline 148mm Q-Factor AL-7075-T6 1/8"...

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Chinese carbon wheels w/alloy brake track. Anyone try them?

Couldn't find any info in the sticky. Not real comfortable with carbon clinchers. Thought these would be a better choice. Looks like I can get 60mm deep/25mm wide with Novatec hubs. 80mm deep/25mm wide with Powerway hubs. Novatec hubs have acceptable reviews, but not sure about the Powerway. Primary ... Read More »

Is this brake track nick okay for Zipp 303 Carbon Clincher? (Pic Inside)

Hey All, This is my first foray into aftermarket wheels for bikes. I just picked up a 2013 Zipp 303 Carbon Clincher off ebay and the wheels look in decent condition. I did have one question about the wheel. Specifically one nick on the brake track that isn't huge or deep but wanted your exper ... Read More »

Custom Carbon Guerciotti Track Bike

Literally a one-of-a-kind, custom frame. Tried to order Guerciotti's production Vera scandium/carbon track frame. They took the order but subsequently informed me that they couldn't fulfill it because they were out of the carbon seatstays for that model. Long story short, they built me this all c ... Read More »

Carbon Rim Brake Track Differences?

Can someone, who has plenty of experience with different branded carbon rims, explain the differences in brake tracks? What is preferred? What should be avoided? There are so many carbon rim choices out there today and it seems to me besides the 2 big factors (cost, weight) the factor that rea ... Read More »

Carbon brake track

I'm looking at a set of Reynolds Attack wheels. My only real concern is the life of the brake tracks. Thoughts?Read More »

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