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Pake Track Crankset 3/32" 170mm

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SS 'crossers - Track Cranks, anyone?

I've been using Truvativ Omniums on my fixed gear/single-speed road bike and I am THOUROUGHLY impressed with them - they are extremely stiff and well made with an included outboard BB. I decided to give them a go on the SS 'cross bike. Anybody else go this route?Read More »

Old track cranks ID Assist

p/u these at a yard sale. Original owner lived in Menlo Park, near downtown. He and chatted some, he was from Washington State, Jr Track State Champ in 1957 or so, Spoke warmly of Redmond track, Drive side crank arm has "W8" stamped in it, BB has "chain side" stamped, w arrow pointing toward th ... Read More »

best track cranks under$50

Can anyone suggest best track cranks under $50.00?Read More »

Giant Bowery and Origin 8 Pro Pulsion Track Cranks?

Well this is my first post, and also my first road bike. I got the Bowery about 3 weeks ago and I am trying to lighten it up. I have gotten a lighter fork, stem, bars and seatpost. I am looking at a new set of cranks and noticed one by a Company called Origin 8. These track cranks are not on the ... Read More »

BCD of Dura-Ace 10mm pitch track cranks?

Anyone know? I'm selling a 10mm pitch crankset on eBay and didn't have the answer for someone who asked me. It seems that sells them and they list the BCD as 144 but I held them up to my crankset that I'm sure is 144 and the Dura-Ace seemed much smaller...Read More »

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