Campagnolo Centaur QS Front Derailleur

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MSRP : $57.00

Product Description

  • Standardised Standard/Compact fork
  • Chrome-plated nickel fork
  • Surface treatments
  • Long life and low wear

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Centaur QS shifter to Chorus QS?

I am in need of some reassurance on a purchase I'm about to make. I have the dreaded Centaur QS Escape ergopower shifters on my Centaur equipped bike, bought in Jan 2008. My rear Escape shifter has failed and the replacement shift mechanism I bought seems to have a defective index gear, so the sh ... Read More »

Can 2010 Centaur Ergopower shifter work with QS front derailleur

I have got a new pair of 2010 Centaur Ergopower shifter, but I am now using a Chorus 2008 QS front derailleur. Will this combo work? I has read some description that they are not compatible with QS front. So does any one has some experience on this? Thx in advance.Read More »

Centaur 2009 with Record QS FD

So I am sure it has been answered by C-40 already. But is the new Centaur 2009/2010 shifter fully compatible with a Record 2008 Compact FD?Read More »

2009 Centaur shifters not compatible with QS front Der?

I went to to finally order the 2009 Centaur Shifters and right before i order, i saw a note stating that the shifters will not work with the QS front Der. is this really the case? C-40 i am sure you might have heard this. does that mean i will have to get a non QS front Der for t ... Read More »

2009 Centaur with QS Front Derailleur?

Will the new 2009 Centaur shifters work with my 2007 QS front derailleur? I'm trying to upgrade as cheaply as possible, but I still want full benefits of the new shifters.Read More »

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