Campagnolo Chorus Front Front Derailleur

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Campagnolo Chorus or Centaur - which front derailleur ?

Hello! I have sent my stuff to the Campagnolo UK service centre, and they have completely restored my 9 - speed setup, that is from 1998.It is now upgradeable to 9 speed, although I was thinkig of buying a pair of Chorus 10 - speed shifters, the QS version.I now need a front derailleur for my non - ... Read More »

11 speed Chorus Front Deraileur from 2010

Will it work with a compact crank? Currently I have it on a standard crank and I'm making the switch to compact.Read More »

Campy front derailleur - is this Record, Chorus, other?

I am going to sell these old 9spd front and rear derailleurs. The rear derailleur is clearly record, but what about the front? I cannot see any label indicating the line - looked carefully, I don't see anything, even faded. I assumed it was Record like the rear, but then I saw a listing on ebay for ... Read More »

Chorus Front Shifter Install - Help

Working on first build - rehab of late 80's Merckx Century. Installing a mix of Chorus and Record. Seem to have a problem with the front shifter, similar to [url][/url] . I have re-installed several times, but cannot get FD to move enough. ... Read More »

Record vs. Chorus for Front Derailleur FD

OK, Let's say hypothetically that one can purchase a chorus or record FD for the same cost. Normally, I would just get the chorus because I would think that the aluminum outer cage would be more durable and chorus is usually cheaper. Being the same price, I'm starting to be tempted by the carb ... Read More »

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