Campagnolo Chorus QS Front Derailleur

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MSRP : $125.00

Product Description

  • "Z-shape" inner plate
  • Standardised Standard/Compact fork
  • Antifriction treatment
  • More rigid system, better shifting
  • Smoothness, long life

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Chorus QS shifters with new Ultrashift 10s RD?

I've searched but have not found a definitive answer to this one. Will the new 2012/13 10 speed derailleurs (Veloce, Centaur, etc) work with a set of the pre-UltraShift Chorus QS 10 speed shifters? I need to replace the rear derailleur and shifters on my winter bike (9 speed Veloce from 2002) on a ... Read More »

Compatibility Cable Set with Campy Chorus 10s QS levers

Hi, I'm in the process of changing the cables on my bike that has a Campagnolo 10 speed Chorus group on it. The shifters are of the QS Micron/10 Micron type (partnumber EP7-CHXC). I found a cable set on ebay that says that it is (backwards) compatible with all Campagnolo 8/9/10/11 speed shifter ... Read More »

Centaur QS shifter to Chorus QS?

I am in need of some reassurance on a purchase I'm about to make. I have the dreaded Centaur QS Escape ergopower shifters on my Centaur equipped bike, bought in Jan 2008. My rear Escape shifter has failed and the replacement shift mechanism I bought seems to have a defective index gear, so the sh ... Read More »

2007 vs 2008 campy chorus front derailleurs (QS vs CT)

Is there a difference between the 2007 and 2008 campy chorus front derailleurs? I'm planning on running a compact chorus crank with 2008 chorus CT (compact) front derailleur on my new bike. My bike shop says that there should be no shifting differences between the QS version of the front derailleur ... Read More »

Record QS Shifters vs Chorus and Centaur

Hey all, I have a Record crank, record front and record rear derailleur. Now I just need the shifters and am thinking of cheaping out and going with Chorus or Centaur as I just don't have the dough for Record shifters. Style-wise, I don't care that is doesn't say Record on it, it looks to me t ... Read More »

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