Campagnolo Record QS Front Derailleur

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Product Description

The Campagnolo Record quick shift (QS) front derailleur offers superior shifting and maximum performance for the most demanding professionals. Carbon fiber external cage plate with friction-resistant aluminum inner cage plate reduces chain rub and provides easy shifting that is light, stiff and precise.

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Broken campy record qs front derailleur

2007 campy record qs front derailleur carbon 10 speed is cracked and beyond any repair. Ive found some front derailleurs on eBay, but they are not qs. (Campy record titanium carbon)......can I install in place of the qs ?Read More »

Where can I get a new 2008 Record QS front derailleur

Bent the heck out of one of my front derailleurs last week and I need a new one. Couldn't even find one on e-bay. Tried and and nothing there either. [FONT=Verdana][/FONT] [FONT=Verdana]Anybody know of a source for this part that will not cost me an arm and a leg?[/FONT] ... Read More »

Centaur 2009 with Record QS FD

So I am sure it has been answered by C-40 already. But is the new Centaur 2009/2010 shifter fully compatible with a Record 2008 Compact FD?Read More »

What does ultra, qs ultra on the record levers mean?

I noticed some of the Campy Record carbon levers have different markings. What do they mean? I've seen (10 ultra, QS ultra) (10 ultra, ultra) and (10 speed, carbon bb system).Read More »

Record QS Shifters vs Chorus and Centaur

Hey all, I have a Record crank, record front and record rear derailleur. Now I just need the shifters and am thinking of cheaping out and going with Chorus or Centaur as I just don't have the dough for Record shifters. Style-wise, I don't care that is doesn't say Record on it, it looks to me t ... Read More »

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