SRAM Front Braze On Clamp Front Derailleur

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The SRAM front derailleur Braze On Clamp is designed to fit the Red, Force and Rival braze-on...

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Does Shimano make a 28.6 front derailleur braze on clamp?

Need one for a vintage build. Can't find one anywhere, then I see an Ebay ad and in it the guy claims Shimano doesn't make one in 28.6. Can anyone confirm this? Thanks in advance.Read More »

Clamp-on v. braze-on front derailleur

I'm sort of embarrassed to ask this, but can I simply remove the clamp from a clamp-on derailleur and mount it to a frame with a braze-on front derailleur tab? Is there a special nut or washer required? Thanks in advance.Read More »

Clamp-on vs Braze-on front derailleur

On a frameset with a seat tube with NO braze-on tab: Is there any advantage in using a clamp-on vs a braze-on (with an adapter)? Is one better than the other? I realize with the braze-on there is the extra expense of buying the adapter ring and perhaps an small weight difference. However, i ... Read More »

2010 Super Six Front Derailleur -- Clamp or Braze-On?

Does the 2010 Super Six Hi-Mod come with a FD that is clamped on or brazed on? I am thinking about getting a frameset at some future date and was wondering what type of FD the frame will require.Read More »

crack around braze-on front derailleur clamp

hi everyone I recently discovered a crack around the braze-on for my front derailleur on my carbon frame. Initially, i thought it was only a paint issue, but after having recently re-checked the area, the crack seems to have grown. When I tug a bit in the clamp, I can see it moving. I'm a bit ... Read More »

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