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"Easier" to maintain, mechanical or electronic groupos?

Just trying to get some feedback on whether mechanical or electronic groupos are "easier" to maintain on a go-forward basis. From what I gathered, Di2 would be better if I want to "set it and forget it", but thought I'd ask the more knowledgeable members of this forum for good measure. Thanks ag ... Read More »

Light component groupos - options?

[COLOR="Blue"][B]I currently have the Rival component group on my bike and I was wondering how much weight I could drop by going to a lighter (and thus more expensive) groupo? How does Rival compare to Red and Force. The reason I ask is because I have checked out Sram's web site and yet it seems a ... Read More »

Chinese companies selling Sram and Shimano road groupos?!?!?!

Has anyone ever ordered a Sram and Shimano road groupo from one of the companies off of Alibaba?Read More »

PBK has Campy Chorus Groupos in Stock

Want to share this w/ you guys since I just bought one. I just got an email that Pro Bike Kit just received a little number of Campy Chorus 2009 Groupsets in stock. These are English BB, 172.5mm cranks, and 39/53 chainrings. The price cannot be beat for $934.61 shipped to the USA. Use coupon code US ... Read More »

Looking for 09 Centaur groupos....

As the title suggests. I think there is some place in Britain selling them for some $760Read More »

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