Shimano Ultegra 6700 Groupos

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Ultegra 6700/6800 ss, max teeth

The specs say Ultegra 6700 or 6800 rear derails, short cage, max 33t. Would that be the same for compact as well as standard cranks? Thanks.Read More »

Ultegra 6700 RD issues

So I recently swapped all of my Ultegra drivetrain over to my Giant Propel Advanced frame. For the most part everything has worked fine, other than some slight shifting issues with the RD. Drivetrain has around 6000-7500 miles on it. New(ish) cassette (around 2500 miles, in great shape), new chai ... Read More »

Ultegra 6700 shifters and Shadow+ derailleur?

I just built a gravel touring bike with Ultegra 6700 cranks, shifters and FD, and an 11-36 XT cassette that called for a mountain bike RD. As I had read somewhere on this forum that a 10 speed XT or XTR model wouldn't work, I mounted a 9 speed XTR RD instead, and the drivetrain has been working beau ... Read More »

Convert Ultegra 6700 cassette to 6800 11-32?

Would it be simple (i.e. not expensive) to switch out my 11-28 (10 speed) to the new 11-32 (11 speed)? I would like the lower gears for climbing on my 2010 Synapse. Thanks, TBRead More »

Shimano Ultegra 6700 Double 10-Speed Shifter/Brake Lever Set

These things are so easy to use its almost unreal. The effort is minimal and the reported issues of the sluggish feeling attributed to the abrupt cable tubing bending is largely overstated based on my observation. Especially if you couple these with things like gore cable systems. more informati ... Read More »

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