Shimano Ultegra 6703-G Groupos

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The 6703 Ultegra eight piece upgrade kit includes the Shimano Ultegra 6703 front derailleur, rear derailleur, shifters, brakes, cranks, bb, cassette and chain.

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Installing Ultegra 6703 triple crankset on Fuji Altamira?

I am looking into replacing the stock FSA compact crankset with the 6700 series Ultegra triple crankset to help make steep grade climbs a bit easier on my knees. My questions are what will I need besides the obvious crankset, derailleur, and shifter? and will it work with a bb86 press-fit bottom bra ... Read More »

Dura Ace 7950 Crankset compatibility with Ultegra 6703

I'm interested in converting my Ultegra 6703 group to a a compact double using a Dura Ace 7950 crank set. I'm reading lots of conflicting compatibility issues. I would like to retain my shifters and rear derailleur (RD-6703). I will replace the BB and chain...the conflict seems centered around the f ... Read More »

ultegra 6750/6703 crank arms

I currently an Ultegra 6703 170mm crank set and I'm interested in changing over to a 6750 compact. As I read the Shimano tech docs it appears that the crank arms are the same//ie: YILJ98120 (LH 6750 G) ....YILJ98120 (LH 6703 G) Am I reading these correctly?...that the only difference is in the chai ... Read More »

2013 R3 BBRite Ultegra 6703 Crankset question

Clarification sought... I have an Ultegra 6703 grupo on my current ride... I plan on stepping up and purchasing a '13 R3 Frameset and using these components for the build.. My question is will the 6703 crank (with adapter obviously) fit in the R3's BBRrite BB.. I've talk with a local Cervelo deale ... Read More »

Is Shimano FC 6703 Ultegra my only choice?

Trying to decide on a good triple for a titanium cross frame with drop bars. My newbie assumptions are: The Dura Ace 7803 seems to be old technology. XTR or XT are geared too low? And require MTB shifters or bar end. FSA has mediocre reliability. Campagnolo seems overpriced. Please set me straight ... Read More »

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