Campagnolo Record Pro-Fit Plus Pedals

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MSRP : $429.25

Product Description

The Record Pro-Fit Plus pedals are lightweight by any standard thanks to their titanium axle and light alloy bodies. In comparison to other feathery pedals, though, weight savings doesn't come at the cost of forcing you to use a system with compact dimensions. The foot platform is generously wide so it spreads the application of force more evenly throughout the entire ball of the foot for greater comfort and a more efficient transmission of power. Nevertheless, the overall pedal width maintains its compactness for steep banking so you won't scrape them in turns. The internal springs have been modified to ensure uniform release pressure. They have new graphics and a new finish that matches them to the rest of Record: clear anodizing over Campagnolo's distinctive, jewel-like, lustrous finish of richly burnished/polished aluminum. The actual weight of the Campagnolo Record Pro-Fit Plus Pedals is 271g.

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