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DMR V8 Pedals

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MSRP : $29.99

Product Description

The DMR V8 pedal features a double concave, parallelogram shape that provides excellent grip and control. Features and Information V8 pedals are f...

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Firefox v8.0....REALLY?!

[RANT] I like Firefox. I really do. But since when does any normal programming house consider every single frakking update a [I]MAJOR REVISION[/I]?????!!!!! At work, I use IE8 for the stuff I absolutely have to, Firefox for most everything else, and Opera for downloading and saving reports off ou ... Read More »

V8 Fusion CranberryBlackberry

I don't know if you are really good for me or not. I just know we are made for each other. I love you. XOXO TMRead More »

Is it possible to rent a classic V8 american convertible?

I'm thinking along the lines of chevrolet Corvette or impala, Ford mustang etc. the NEED to be V8s and they SHOULD be convertibles. The idea is to pick it up in the east coast and do route 66 with a friend. So does anyone ever rend out this kind of car? Has anyone ever actually done something lik ... Read More »

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