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Look Keo Blade Carbon Pedals

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MSRP : $300.00

Product Description

Look Keo Blade 2 Carbon Chromo Pedals are of a Carbon composite construction. Wider pedaling surface that is more stable and powerful. Aero profile and larger carbon spring improves performance. New 13mm stack height.

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Look's Flagship Pedal: Keo Blade Carbon Ti

I am so happy and excited, I just got Look's highest end pedals: the Keo Blade Carbon w/ Titanium spindle. Initial few miles tell me they feel amazing. The clip in is snappy and firm. getting out is the same as my old Keo 2 Max. I'd love to discuss these pedals and help out anyone else who's intere ... Read More »

Keo Blade Carbon Ti (12nm)

Are these a good pedal to upgrade to from the Keo 2 Max? I've been using this on my bike for 2 years now and am looking for a good upgrade. the Keo 2 Max have been great every single time. No maintenance required and it always just worked. Will the Keo Blade Carbon w/ Ti spindle be a good upgrade ... Read More »

First clip-in pedals...any feedback on Look Keo Blade Carbon CrMo?

I've never used clip-ins, and just bought a CAAD 10 4 with the basic pedals. I've been looking at all sorts of pedals today, and for some reason I find myself drawn to the Keo Blade series. At $163 for the CrMo model, I don't consider it too much to spend, and I'm sure I would get a lot of use ... Read More »

Dura Ace 7900 Carbon Pedal Vs Look Keo Blade

Anyone tried both and have a review either way? I have heared the Looks go through cleats quicker?Read More »

Look Keo Carbon Max vs Blade

I have been riding the Keo Carbons for years and have no problems with them. With the new blades out I am wondering if there is much of a difference? I dont really want to switch cleats and not sure if the blades use the same or different cleatsRead More »

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