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Renting bike on vacation, bringing my pedals - dumb question

I am going on vacation next week and planning to rent a road bike. I called the rental shop and he recommended that I bring my own pedals. I use Look Keo. My dumb question is this: Should I bring the pedals with the spindle attached, or just the pedal? I'll call the bike shop back tomorrow if the a ... Read More »

Hybrid Pedals for single speed road bike.

I just picked up a used single speed. I'd like to use this bike primarily as a commuter bike but I would like to have the versatility to tackle longer rides on the weekends. Are there any good hybrid road pedals out there? Preferably not SPD, more of a Look style? Am I hoping for too much?Read More »

Removing Ultegra pedals for SPD?? Is this total sacrilege or just nuts??

Hi folks I have a conundrum. I figure you guys would be the best folks to ask. Background: In the last month I've decided I wanted to get back into recreational riding. I was pretty avid in the 1990s in my teens but have been out since 2000. In the last month I've bought (all off Kijiji) a dec ... Read More »

Replacing pedals on my bike - nothing to it right?

OK - so my bike has flat pedals. I purchased dual SPD/flat pedals and they came in the mail Friday. It's just a matter of unscrewing the old pedals and screwing-in the new ones right? I'm not over-looking anything? Nothing to be aware of regarding preventing stripping of the threads?Read More »


I need a pair of road pedals on my bike. What do u think about the TIME ICLIC TITAN CARBON CARBOFLEX ROAD PEDALS ? Thanks..... [h=1][/h]Read More »

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