Ritchey Cleats Pedals

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Replacement cleats for Ritchey clipless pedal systems, sold as a pair with appropriate mounting hardware.

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Wet weather shoes (SPD) (small two screw) (or other cleats)

Ok, around here, we don't get a lot of below freezing weather, although many frosty nights, but a lot of wet weather in the winter, mid 30's to mid 40's I got some Shimano MT60 shoes that were supposed to have Goretex. They did ok in the rain, but did eventually get pretty wet. And I think they h ... Read More »

Moving cleats to new shoes?

The little research I did found no tried-and-true approach to transferring cleats from an old pair of shoes to new ones. I measured and put the rear edge of the Speedplay adapter the same distance from the rear two bolt holes as on the old shoes. A trip around the neighborhood felt ok, but hard to s ... Read More »

Shimano cleats: wear indicator issue not covered under warranty

I have had a pair of Shimano SPD-SL cleats for about 3 weeks. I probably have less than 150 miles on the cleats. One of the wear indicators has come off completely. I've done minimal walking (no more that 15-20 feet at a time over smooth surfaces). The retailer is not willing to warranty the cle ... Read More »

injured foot cleats

A friend of mine was hit by a car while cycling. He lost a little bit of control of his foot and sometimes has trouble unclipping from his cleat. His problem is twisting his foot to release the cleat. I normally think those old leather toe clips were a waste of time and dangerous BUT I thou ... Read More »

Mounting Cleats on New Shoes

The funky NorthWaves are going in the trash. Brand new Sidi Extreme Pro Carbons now need my Look cleats mounted. Is there any way to make fitting the cleats easier, or is it always trial and error? I've already got the obvious alignments roughed-in. Ball of the foot centered over pedal spind ... Read More »

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