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Tioga Spyder Pedals

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Tioga Spyder Platform Pedals

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Spyder Composites a scam?

I sent my broken carbon frame to these guys 6 months ago and I'm still waiting to get it back. When contact them I get a "Yeah, we'll ship it out tomorrow" deal and when I call them the next time they report it hasn't been shipped yet and then say the same thing. This has been going on for quite a w ... Read More »

Spyder Composites

Does anyone here have any experience with Spyder - they've had a frame of mine since mid December and I can't seem to get it (or any information) back from them. They were recommended by VN and that seemed good to me but now....... Any help would be appreciated.Read More »

Kudos to Spyder Composites on Cervelo frame repair...

Long story, short: Cervelo R3 + iPhone in rear wheel = shattered seat stay. Options: [LIST] [*]New Frame - $2400 [*]Highly recommended carbon repair shop: $500 repair + $100 paint + $50 shipping [*]Spyder Composites: $160 xray/repair/paint + $42 shipping [/LIST] Based on some investigation and ask ... Read More »

My brand new Cervelo R3 is at Spyder Composites for Thanksgiving...

Won't be home until right before Christmas. Ugh! [img]http://www.scubaboard.com/gallery/data/500/medium/IMG-20111113-00109.jpg[/img]Read More »

Carbon frame repair: Calfee vs Spyder Composites?

Looking for best option to repair a damaged seat stay on my Cervelo R3. Reached out to several carbon frame repair companies. All indicate that as far as they can tell - won't know for sure until frame is in-hand - that repair and matching to "good as new" is possible. Does anyone have any yea's ... Read More »

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