Surly Singleator Rear Derailleur

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Product Description

Heads up, singlespeeders! If youre trying to convert any recent model bike into a singlespeed, youve probably realized by now that since the dropouts are vertical, there isnt any way to properly tension the chain. Surly comes to the rescue ...

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Any other options I should be looking at for a bike with vertical dropouts? Best to use a (1) freewheel hub or (2) freehub with spacer kit? (I don't want to spend the money on an eccentric BB, etc.) Thanks!Read More »

Singleator/chain tensioner noise

I just installed the singleator knockoff from Performance, and it's making a bunch of noise. I'm running it without using the cage at all, so the noise can't be from there. When I push it out of the way so that it's not touching the chain, the chain runs almost silently (though it's hanging slack). ... Read More »

Surly Singleator....

This should more properly be posted over at the SS forum at MTB review, but I'm at work, and for some reason, the firewall thinks that forum is shopping related (imagine that). My new (used) SS MTB has a Surly Singleator, since it's a conversion of a vertical drop out frame. It works about as w ... Read More »

Singleator and Randonnear bars

I am working on a winter project SS and am looking at the last few parts I need. Singleator, i have to use one, is Surly the best and why? Randonnear bars, what are the advantages, what are their positive points, looking at the Nitto bars.Read More »

Why not use a singleator with vertical drops?

Why couldn't i convert my bike with vertical drops to a fixed gear by installing a surly singleator chain tensioner? -dMRead More »

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