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All-City Dropout 700c 1-1/8, U-brake mounts

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Colnago M10S Driveside dropout paint crack

Hello, I just noticed that the drive side rear dropout on my Colnago M10s has a crack in the paint. This appears to be right where I think there would be a joint of the aluminum dropout and carbon seat stay. The rear end feels firm and I have no idea how long it has been like this, otherwise th ... Read More »

Dropout screws?

Hi Guys & Gals, The horizontal dropout screws on my Cervelo P2 have somehow become bent. Can these screws be found at a Ace Hardware or similiar store? If so, what is the screw size-nomenclature? Thanks! GRead More »

Cervelo R3 damage - frame's dropout derailleur hangar cracked recommendation

So, I have a 2012 Cervelo R3 and the "dropout derailleur hangar" part of the frame broke off with the derailleur! Which totally sucks on my side because when I finally have time to ride my bike... this ish happens. I did have an accident a month ago but things seemed ok but when I put it on the tr ... Read More »

Broken Dropout

The dropout broke on my '09 EPS while doing some climbing. Has anyone seen one of these break before? How would I get this fixed? Do the carbon repair companies deal with this type of damage? [ATTACH=CONFIG]299118[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]299119[/ATTACH] RonRead More »

axle indent in horizontal dropout

I am new to working on the horizontal dropout, I had the bike for a while and the wheel resided in the same position. Anyway I wanted to set a bit more slack to the chain to relieve a tight spot. I took the wheel off and there is an indentation from the axle end. When I tighten the axle nuts ... Read More »

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