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All-City Dropout 700c 1-1/8, U-brake mounts

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Dropout questions . . . . . .

I'm riding a POS IRO fixed I beat like it owes me money. I'd like to build a quality steel frame fixed, but am unsure of what I can get away with as far as dropouts are concerned. What's the rule as far as dropouts? I'm thinking about Cinelli or something old school Italian pref with front and rea ... Read More »

Need advice - cracked dropout - 2012 trek madone

[COLOR=#000000][FONT=Arial]Any suggestions how I would go about getting a cracked dropout repaired in the Ontario Canada? Frame is carbon but the dropout is aluminum.[/FONT][/COLOR] [COLOR=#000000][FONT=Arial]I bought this 2012 Trek madone 6.9 ssl from someone, who races semi-professionally for a T ... Read More »

Horizontal Dropout adjustment

I want to flip the wheel over.. I have some idea but wanted to confirm a few things. there is eyebolt which pull the axle towards to back, is this just help prevent slipping or do you use it for alignment? How do you make sure the axle/wheel is lined up properly / chain slack? Also post ... Read More »

Another DIY dropout alignment tool

I recently cold set my steel frame from 126 to 130 mm. I looked up some DIY dropout alignment tools that had been posted on various forums, and looked at the "real" tool sold by Park and others. I didn't have ready access to the real tool and didn't really feel like spending the money anyway, so I w ... Read More »

80s steel frame alignment, wheel alignment and dropout questions

Hi - in an earlier post on a different subject I mentioned a mid-80s Sannino frame and fork I bought. Very happy with the frame's general condition and working on getting it ready to build as soon as I get the headset and Italian bottom bracket. Last night I spread the dropouts from 126 to 130mm. ... Read More »

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