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This fork was built specifically with you in mind; the advanced carbon structure means it will perform well for any rider. Cannondale Unidirectional Carbon TechnologySAVE Anti-vibration systemBike Type: RoadWheel Size: 700cSteerer Diameter: 1-1/8

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Alternative derailleur hanger for Synapse 2006

I have Synapse 2006 carbon with Ultegra setup and 27 tooth cassete. I am planing to drive some Alps climbs during next year. On my other bike (Italian Torpado with 105 setup) I had cassette with max 32 cog. That was very useful when I climbed some steep Italian mountains. I could keep the cadence f ... Read More »

Uh oh. 2012 Synapse Carbon 6 seatpost loose in frame

Just noticed the other day that there is some play in my seatpost where it goes into the frame. This is the teardrop shaped aero carbon post. The two seatpost bolts in the collar are at the proper torque. There is a metal sleeve inside the frame that the seatpost slides into and it seems to be mov ... Read More »

2013 Hi Mod Dura Ace to replace 105 Synapse

Just grabbed the above bike to replace the same year Synapse 105 that I bought at the start of last season. Since the Synapse, I am down from about 190 lbs to 155 and just found it way to flexy (maybe in my head). I was always dropping chains on the outside of the big ring and breaking spokes during ... Read More »

Front fender for 2014 synapse disc 5

Does anyone have a recommendation for a fender that actually works with the interior front fender mounts on the 2014 Synapse Disc 5? All the fenders I have and find in stores have large plastic connectors for the front fenders that do not fit well on the cannondale interior fender mount. I can pu ... Read More »

Cannondale High-Mod Synapse Dura-Ace Di2 (few questions)

Hey guys, Long time lurker here and this is the first time I'm posting. I've been mostly into MTN biking and cyclocross, and now I'm I'm looking to get into road riding as well. My LBS is offering me this bike: [url= ... Read More »

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