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39/53 with 12-29 (EPS?)

I have a hilly race coming up and want to put on a 12-29. Has anyone done this combination on 11-speed EPS or non-electronic systems? Campy documentation says EPS can handle a 29t.Read More »

How difficult is it to switch internal Di2 to internal Campy EPS wires?

I'm getting a Time frame that is currently wired for Di2 7970 (internal). I haven't received it yet, but how difficult is it usually to switch to another cable set, probably EPS? I'm not exactly new to cycling, but I don't have a lot of experience with internal cabling, especially internal for e ... Read More »

EPS Record Shifting Issues

Having an issue with my EPS Record shifting. When I ride the bike and do not shift it struggles to shift up to the fourth cog from the top. It does make it but its very noisy. Cass 11 -25. But once I keep shifting it will shift up and down to 4 cog from top with no problem. Then if I ride and do not ... Read More »

EPS charger problems

I have 2013 Athena EPS which I'm very happy with, but I have just blown my second charger, which im less happy with. First one replaced under warranty, but after the second one has gone I'm thinking matte there is either a faulty batch, or my power unit has a fault which is blowing the chargers. ... Read More »

Cracked EPS?

I have a 2011 EPS with a crack right where the headtube and toptube join. Has anybody else seen this before? I wonder if it's just a paint crack and if the bike is safe to ride. The frame hasn't been crashed and probably has less than 10,000 miles on it. I sent an e-mail to colnago a week ago bu ... Read More »

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