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Control Tech Lightning Road Fork

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1990 Cannondale Black Lightning - Price?

Whatcha guys think of this? [url=]1990 Cannondale R500 "black lightning"[/url] I'm a newbie and have been searching for a cheap bike for a while. My budget is around $500 (though, less is always better). I found a sexy looking bike for around $35 ... Read More »

hey photogs, check out this cool pic from the lightning storm tonight

[img][/img] credit: Justin TerveenRead More »

Lightning Strike...In the House??

So, my favorite daughter, GG, well, we were kicking around the soccer ball in the basement last night. Outside, there was a pretty nasty thunderstorm going on. The following is an artists account of the incidents as they occurred...Read More »

Neato lightning strike

[url=]Once-in-a-lifetime picture of lightning striking San Francisco's Bay Bridge | Mail Online[/url] For a second I was about to wail "photoshopppp'd!", but the given circumstan ... Read More »

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