Litespeed Carbon Fork Forks

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Litespeed is proving to be the Leader in World Cycling Technology with the exciting 2000 lineup. Our geometrically enhanced tube sets address the unique directional stresses found in each tube of the bicycle. We have spent ...

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Lynskey Endurance Carbon Disc Road Fork

[url][/url] anyone using one? Feedback? Looking for a carbon fork to replace steel one. 1 1/8" steerer. Really wanted the Ritchey model but it's very slow in coming out, Tom Cruise might beat it.Read More »

Carbon fork vs. aluminum fork.. weight?

Hey guys... so I've got some questions and I'm sure you all can help answer them. I'm currently riding a Specialized TriCross Elite Disc and it is alumnium frame and fork.. I use it for primarily road use. Stock, I weighed the bike at 24.5 pounds. I recently made some upgrades and it has dropped ... Read More »

Chipped carbon fork tab - need advice please!!!

Hey there, I bought a BH ultralight off ebay this week and not long after un-boxing it, I noticed that the little carbon tab that holds the quick release skewer in place has basically been ablated. The guy who sold it to me stated on the auction page that the bike had been checked over by his LB ... Read More »

Is my carbon fork cracked? Picture included

Hopefully you can see... below the split between fork and frame there are a half dozen or so hairline marks. My fingernail doesn't get caught in them so I don't know if it's an actual crack or a scuff on the clear coat. But on the other hand could it be a crack under the clear coat? These marks/c ... Read More »

Giant defy composite - 2013 & 2014 carbon fork differences ? !

Guys, need a bit of assistance, sorry to be a geek however loooking at the Defy Composite and noticed the 2013 model fork spec says - - [B]Advanced grade composite[/B], full composite overdriver steerer and the 2014 model fork spec say - - [B]Composite-grade composite[/B], full-composite O ... Read More »

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