Litespeed Carbon Fork Forks

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Litespeed is proving to be the Leader in World Cycling Technology with the exciting 2000 lineup. Our geometrically enhanced tube sets address the unique directional stresses found in each tube of the bicycle. We have spent ...

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Klein Quantum Carbon Fork

I picked up my first road bike this spring, a '93 Klein Quantum... Great bike, I've had a ton of fun riding pavement after being a dirt junkie for most of my life... That said, I'm considering putting a different fork on it to smooth out the ride... However, there seems to be some proprietary issue ... Read More »

star nut on carbon fork makes it unsafe?

My friend Eddie picks up a craigslist special on a 5 year old Cannondale Synapse with a full carbon fork. good riding bike and starts getting the standard head tube creak. Henry pulls apart the stem and down in the steertube of the full carbon fork is a star nut that's been rammed down the steertub ... Read More »

sub 300 gram carbon fork

Ok, I'm starting an aluminum based weight weenie build(sub 14 lbs that is durable and doesn't look like Dr. frankenstein built it) with a Pro-Lite Bella frame(1165 grams, aluminum with black carbon seatstays(3k weave), white frame with top of top tube being black). Seatpost and Saddle will have 3k ... Read More »

Merckx AX titanium frame w/ Reynolds Ouzo Pro carbon fork

I am reluctantly selling my Eddy Merckx AX titanium frame with an Reynolds Ouzo Pro carbon fork. Frame is built with Merckx Century Geometry with 57 cm seat tube (c-c), 56.8 cm top tube, 15 cm head tube, 72.6 seat tube angle. Fork has 43 mm rake and aluminum steer tube about 26 cm long. Price is ... Read More »

Converting 99 Schwinn Peloton to 1" threadless carbon fork & headset...

I am somewhat new to wrenching on headsets and forks. I have a wonderful 99 Schwinn Peloton 853 that came with an aluminum fork. Since there's already documented issues with the JIS crown race/ISO headset, and I'm tired of quill stems anyways, I'm thinking of just converting altogether to thread ... Read More »

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