Ritchey Pro UD Carbon Forks

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Ritchey Pro UD Carbon Fork 1-1/8 43mm Rake

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Shimano PRO Vibe UD Carbon Stem and Seatpost Review

Let me start out by saying in no way do I represent or sell Shimano PRO products. I have been an avid cyclist for over 20 years riding both road and MTB. [B]PRO Vibe UD seatpost (27.2 mm x 280 mm)[/B] I recently purchased a Provibe UD carbon seatpost to replace my Thomson Layback. Nothing wr ... Read More »

Ritchey Pro UD Carbon Road Fork... learn me!!

Hello All - I finally found out the fork Cannondale decided to send me as an "upgrade" to the Ultra fork that currently comes when you order a CAAD9 BB30 frameset. My LBS didn't know what the fork would be, but it just arrived today... the Ritchey Pro Carbon fork, 45mm rake (same as the Ultra for ... Read More »

double post: Ritchey Pro UD Carbon Fork & KCNC aftermarket

1st: Anyone use the Ritchey Pro UD Carbon Fork? I am wondering how it stacks up against the easton ec90sl. I believe they are about the same weight, give or take. Does it have the rigidity of the ec90sl? hell, would i notice? I ride on a ec90sl currently and love it. But it is going to stay o ... Read More »



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