Seven Cycles 5E Forks

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Product Description

The 5E is unique among high-performance forks. Designed by Seven completely from the ground up, it comes in rakes ranging for 36mm to 58mm—more than any other fork—to ensure optimum frame-fork integration and handling. The 5E boasts the best lateral stiffness-to-weight ratio of any molded carbon fork, providing razor sharp cornering and surefooted descending. Featuring a fully integrated crown, legs, and steerer, it weighs 390g with a 350mm steerer.

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Seven 5e fork

Hi All, I have a question about the Seven 5e fork. I have 10mm spacer below stem and 10mm above stem. Can I move my stem up (20mm spacer below stem, no spacer above stem)? 'emailed Seven but no reply as of yet.Read More »

5E vs 5 XL Forks

Hi Guys, I am starting the process of ordering my seven. I am looking at an Alaris. Has anyone any thoughts on the 5E vs 5XL lighter fork. Thanks, FlipRead More »

Seven 5E carbon fork. Torque?

Does anyone have a torque spec. for the stem/carbon steerer bolts on a Seven 5E fork? Thanks in advance. . .Read More »

Seven 5E fork

What's the good word on the Seven 5E fork? I'm in the process of ordering a Seven and I'm working on components right now. My LBS guy is convinced I should go with the Seven 5E fork but not necessarilly any of the other Seven components. It's not the lightest fork out there but it isn't e ... Read More »

Read More »



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