Seven Cycles CX Forks

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Product Description

Designed specifically for cyclocross use, the CX’s stout design delivers superior stiffness under braking. The full carbon steerer and fork body reduce overall weight while maintaining lateral rigidity even while cornering. Available with a 4.5 cm rake.

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J&L Titanium Cyclocross/CX/Touring bike frame-Ti/50~60-1480g

[url=]J L Titanium Cyclocross CX Touring Bike Frame TI 50 60 1480G | eBay[/url] Looks interesting.. understand just in the shopping/evaluation stage now.. not ... Read More »

Sticky suggestion: Links to the weekend's live CX feeds in US and Europe

Sticky suggestion: Links to the weekend's live CX feeds in US and Europe such as: [url=]Cycling LIVE stream - Cycling Live Video Streaming, Videos, Streams, Photos, Results - Watch Cycling TV Online |[/url] As well as links to footage posted aft ... Read More »

Aero or light wheelset for dry/grass/hard pack CX racing

Hello fellow members, Quick question here, didn't find my answer within the forums. Currently looking to purchase or build a racing wheel set for the remaining CX season. Racing in SoCal so our CX courses aren't very wet at all. Most are dry, hard pack, lots of grass, little sand I want to ... Read More »

CX Disc Wheelset

I'm thinking of building up a CX bike for some off-road adventures. I'll definitely be using disc brakes. For the wheel build, I'm trying to decide between 28 and 32 hole and 2 or 3 cross. I weigh about 175. Most of the off-road riding would be fire roads and trails. Nothing too crazy as I also ... Read More »

Hookless MTB rims for tubeless CX?

Cross-posted over at mtbr, but rbr cx page seems to get a bit more traffic. Anyway: Has anyone here had much success with using a hookless MTB rim as a tubeless setup for their cross bike? I've had pretty great luck with Stans Alpha 400 rims and Vittoria TNT tires, but that was after a bit of ... Read More »

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