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Time Time Edge First Forks

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MSRP : $1895.00

Product Description

The Edge First is the entry into the world of TIME bikes. For some it is their First carbon bike or their First road bike. Don’t let the price fool you… It's every bit of the quality we have come to expect from TIME. This may very well be your First TIME… It certainly won't be your last.

# Sloping geometry in 6 sizes
# Full carbon lugs
# Aluminum bottom bracket shell
# EDGE carbon composite tubes
# EDGE carbon wishbone
# EDGE carbon chainstays
# Carbon fork with aluminum steertube
# TIME headset
# Uses 27.2mm seatpost (OPTIONAL from TIME)
# Frame weight: 1130 grams
# Weight of frame, fork and headset: 1730grams
# Gloss finish

Frameset includes frame, fork and headset for $1,895

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What bits & pieces should have come w/my Time Edge First frame?

Besides the frame and instructions, the first picture shows the other items that I have. BB cable guide, top cap w/screw, star nut, special nut for the brake (I'm assuming) and little rubber o-rings to protect the frame from the shift/brake cables. Couple questions: 1) If the 5th item down is a s ... Read More »

Time Edge First - What Type/Size of Front Derailleur?

My best guess is a clamp-on, but what size is it?Read More »

07 Time Edge First

Just wondering if any RBR member own one these frames or any past owner .. looking for a feedback or review. thank youRead More »

07 Time Edge First

Does any member rides one of these frame ? any feedback ? thanksRead More »

Do the Wilier Izoard and Time Edge First have similar geometry?

I was at my LBS and tried a Wilier Iozard XXL and it fit me pretty well. I also saw a Time Edge First XL online for a lower price and liked that as well. I compared the geometrys and they looked similar. Could I match the Izoard fit to the Time fit? Is there anything different that I am not seeing? ... Read More »

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