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Wound Up 700C Road Fork, available in most steerer tube options, see pictures below to configure your next forkChoose Rake options: 35 (Track),40, 45 and 48mmChoose Steerer Type: 1 inch Carbon, or 1 1/8 inch carbon. Choose Fork Size: 700C or 650C (650C only has option of 38or 43MM Rake. )So much of how a bicycle rides boils down to your choice of a front fork. Our patented carbon forks combine unmatched lateral stiffness with plush fore and aft compliance. What you get when you choose a Wound Up» fork is precise steering and response coupled with lightning quick acceleration and power out of the saddle. Plus, the vibration dampening that's inherent in both our design and the materials used helps you conserve valuable energy throughout those long rides. We have all fork options, each fork is avaiable for us locally from the factory here in Salt Lake City, Utah. Please refer to the details in the image below, and specify the details of your required specs in the order notes.

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Carbon Frame Damage

I am trying to determine if I need worry about some frame damage on the seatstay near the rear dropout on a 3-year-old Raleigh RXC carbon cyclocross frame. Anyone know how the aluminum dropout is attached to the carbon stay and if the damage shown in the pictures is or isn't a problem? I am assuming ... Read More »

Does carbon shoes go soft over time?

I read that those Fibreglass reinforced nylon soles go soft over time or repetitive uses. Does Carbon sole shoes go soft over time too?Read More »

Differences in carbon layups/manufacturing

I have been doing a lot of research on road bikes and have come across a confusing aspect of the carbon frame world. Several prominent brands have several different carbon frame types and others appear to only have one. Trek: 300, 400 , 500 series, etc Specialized: FACT 8r, 9r, 11r, etc Cervelo: se ... Read More »

New carbon frame with older components (crankset question)

I'm seriously considering picking up a carbon frame and transferring my 9-speed DA7700 group. The new frame has a 68mm English threaded BB, so I'll need to choose a new BB and crank. I've been looking at Shimano cranks, wanting to stay with a 53/39 130 bcd. With the new proprietary Shimano 4-bolt p ... Read More »

Done (I think) with Look Keoblade Carbon Pedals...

The darn squeaking noise is driving me nuts. I've tried many of the suggested tips on how to potentially quiet them down, but none have really worked or lasted. I've had my local mechanic confirm that the squeak was coming from the pedals and not anything else. Although they worked fine initially an ... Read More »

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