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Cervelo R3 Road Frameset R-series bicycles are engineered to optimize strength, stiffness and comfort, while offering low weight in every situation. An R-series bicycle offers the best of our Project California engineering. The R3 features BBright 8482; and the same exclusive second generation Squoval 8482; tube shapes as our R5, to combine all the benefits of a stiff and light bicycle with the strength and comfort needed to win on the cobbles of the roughest roads in Europe. Built on the lessons learned at Project California, its renowned comfort comes from using ultra-thin seat stays along with an optimized 1 3/8 8221;steerer tube. Stiff, light and comfortable, this bike provides the responsiveness and the confidence needed when descending, cornering, racing for the win, or just sheer pleasure during your Sunday ride. Unparalleled stiffness to weight ratio to assist climbing Strong enough to handle the worst cobbled roads Built in comfort for a smoother ride Exceptional

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Cervelo R3 damage - frame's dropout derailleur hangar cracked recommendation

So, I have a 2012 Cervelo R3 and the "dropout derailleur hangar" part of the frame broke off with the derailleur! Which totally sucks on my side because when I finally have time to ride my bike... this ish happens. I did have an accident a month ago but things seemed ok but when I put it on the tr ... Read More »

R3 (2013 frame) with 105 or R2

Good morning. I am new to road biking and am in the market for my first road bike. I have narrowed down my choices to a few options and R3 is the forerunner at this time. Then I just found out about R2 yesterday. The latter is not available for a test ride as of yet. I just wanted to run it ... Read More »

Cervelo R3 vs. Scott Solace vs. Scott Foil 20

Good morning, I am new to road biking and am in the market for a new bike. I am considering commuting (25 miles r/t) with it and occasionally ride longer recreational trips on weekends. I have narrowed down my choices which are as follows: Cervelo R3 w/ 2014 Frame w/ 105 components (~ $ 2030) C ... Read More »

2014 r3 105

My first post here...ever. Been riding for 17 years but never posted here. Strange. I thought I had. Anyway, getting a new road bike by the end of the month. A 2014 R3 105. But I'm confused. My LBS says the silver and black R3 105 is a 2014 but they just released a R2 with 105. Is there a R ... Read More »

Cervelo R3/S2 vs 2015 Synapse Carbon 105

Cross posting for a wider range of answers! :p [COLOR=#000000]Okay guys, please please help me out on this.[/COLOR] [COLOR=#000000]I've been riding a Allez for about 2 years. Lots of miles. Love it.[/COLOR] [COLOR=#000000]Time for an upgrade though [/COLOR][IMG]http://www.bikeforums.net/images/s ... Read More »

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