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Colnago M10 Frameset 2011: Colnago?s new monocoque frame takes the technical advances seen in the highly popular CX-1 to a higher level. The new lamination technology and materials used in the manufacture of the M10 make..

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Need M10 or C59 ,50 or 52 measurement

looking at sizing charts but I know how off they can be,does anyone here have either one of these they can take an actual measurement of the the seat tube from BB center to Top of Seat Collar,I have a 31 inseam,the 52 has a(huge) 166 h-tube & the 50 a 145 h-tube?Read More »

C59 v. M10?

Thinking of adding a Colnago to the stable and was gravitating towards the C59 ( I've ridden a C50 before and loved its blend of performance/ handling and relative comfort). But I noticed at the Tour some riders seem to be riding the M10 rather than, what I assumed was Colnago's premier race bike - ... Read More »

Colnago M10 opinion on sizing

I replaced a 57 cm 2005 C50 (with 120 stem) with a 2013 M10. Colango America compared numbers and sized me with a 54s. I built it up with a 110 stem since the TT of the M10 is about 1 cm longer than the C50. I was way to stretched on it so I've settled on a 90 mm stem. One reason for the short(ish) ... Read More »

Sizing C50 to M10

I have a 2005 C50 Traditional 57. What size would that best match on a current model Colnago M10 (2012)? I do not have the original geometry for the C50 (nor the frame in my possession), but did find a chart for 2007: ST-570, TT-557, HT-157. I do run a 120 stem with a couple centimeters of spaces b ... Read More »

M10 build

Seen a few threads recently on the M10 and M10S which reminded me to post up some pictures of my wife's 2011 here it is: [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] [ ... Read More »

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