Colnago Start Frames

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Product Description

  • Entry-level frame with "Precisa" steel forks.
  • Size: continuous range from 49 to 64 cm.

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    Exciting start to the morning ride!

    Met my riding partner and started our morning ride. Just a few blocks from our homes, going by a house we have passed by hundreds of times. A small dog came out of the yard, hit my front wheel just about head on. I went down fairly hard, hitting my head, elbow, and right hip. Riding partner's fr ... Read More »

    Something funny to start your day...

    Enjoy! [url][/url]Read More »

    Help with uploading images from today's start in Algeciras at the Vuelta

    Hi Guys, I was at the start of the Vuelta today and took loads of photographs. A lot of them have files that are too large to upload. Is there any way for me to reduce the file sizes for a whole batch of photos without having to spend hours changing the size of each individual photo?Read More »

    I want to start racing in local Northern California Cat 5 races - How do I find them?

    I'm likely asking a stupid question here, but as a new cat 5 rider, how do I find the cat 5 races that are local to me? I checked [url=]Northern California Nevada Cycling Association[/url] and maybe I'm having a senior moment but I can't figure out how to find any local cat 5 r ... Read More »

    Start racing later in life

    Has anyone start racing in their Thirties and was able to learn and do well? Able to upgrade? If so can you please tell me your story. I started racing late. I'm in my second year now. Was able to upgrade to Cat 4 but have been getting my butt kick. My results this year have been a bunch of DNF' ... Read More »

    Read More »



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