De Bernardi Brain Frames

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MSRP : $850.00

Product Description

The evolution of the SL tubeset, a bit lighter than its predecessor. It is a great value for a racing frame, with excellent responsiveness and handling and a ride that is smooth and comfortable.

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Freak Accident leaves cyclist brain dead

Man, this happened yesterday at my local velodrome. She rode a couple of times with my cycling group but she rode with the faster "guys". [url=]?Freak accident? leaves cyclist brain dead | FOX5 San Diego ? San Diego news ... Read More »

GET A BRAIN MORANS: BusinessWeek cover

[COLOR="#FFFFFF"]. . . .[/COLOR] I try to avoid the PC outrage genre, but--[B]WTF BusinessWeek!?[/B] [I]seriously?[/I] and it's not only the caricatured black characters on the cover, but--even more importantly--the completely dishonest, bullshit right-wing narrative of [COLOR="#000080"] ... Read More »

Industrial-Military Complex : Brain Excrement

So when the wars end the bubbles gonna burst when the spending gets cut. It'll be all over the news. Lay off here, lay off there. I'm thinking of taking the money I have set aside for my business and buying when it's bottomed out around 2016-17 and putting a large amount in a defense fund. All ... Read More »

Your Wednesday astrophysics brain meltdown:

"Big Bang Was Actually a Phase Change, New Theory Says" [url][/url] "a team of physicists says the Big Bang should be modeled as a phase change: the moment when an amorphous, formless universe analogous to liquid water cooled and sudd ... Read More »

Interesting Gray Market discussion as seen on BRAIN

To quote: [QUOTE]First off, I have tagged many people on this note in order to gain attention. Please "untag" yourself as you see fit. I don't mean to offend anyone. I'm not singling anyone out here, I just thought you might find the subject interesting. Also, please share this note with whomev ... Read More »

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