De Rosa Neo Primato Frames

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Neo Primato? eternal! Bringing back the classic Italian steel heritage for 2012, Nuovo Classico epitomizes the gentlemen's ride with style, function and comfort that is both timeless and elegant. The fascination with steel has remained unchanged over time, despite the arrival of lighter materials. There are still many who understand the true value of this material. The Nuovo Classico frames are produced for them with the same legendary artisan skill and care adopted 50 years ago. These frames are still made with the same technical expertise and elegance that made De Rosa what it is. Classic silver-braised and filed-thin lugs, micro-fusion joint-welding on the finest steel tubing, followed by hand-finishing and attention for every detail make these frames the true legends in the history of cycling. This frame sums up the most long-standing Italian frame-building tradition and De Rosa is the standard bearer. -Classic lugged double-butted chromoly steel construction -Classic geometry frame -Full steel fork w/ 1" threaded steerer tube and sloping crown

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Titanio over Neo Primato?

Like most of you here on this forum, I am a huge fan of De Rosa. But unlike many of, I have yet to own one. :cryin::cryin::mad2::mad2: I've always lusted after a Neo Primato or Primato EL OS. It's been my number one target for some time now. But every time, I've been sidetracked and ended up gett ... Read More »

De Rosa neo primato what color molteni or faema

[ATTACH=CONFIG]281606[/ATTACH] I'm a bit puzzled after reading here about Merckx and faema colors. I'm looking at a DeRosa newly made neo primato frame set. It's the colors i have to decide. I like it in the molteni orange with the blue down tube panel which was as far as i understand us ... Read More »

1999 Neo Primato

Since most forums are dead this time of year, I thought I'd kill some time posting a few pics of my new-to-me Neo Primato. It's 59cm ctc, with Campagnolo 10 speed. I have a NOS steel fork from another Neo being chromed right now, but it will be a few weeks before it's done. [ATTACH=CONFIG]276159[ ... Read More »

OK, this time a POLL on the De Rosa Neo Primato Faema

Sorry for another thread on this subject but when I started the first post on this topic, there wasn't an option for a poll. For some reason, it just wasn't there. And when I edit to try to add a poll, there isn't an option. So I am linking the previous thread (and vice-versa) to this one which i ... Read More »

De Rosa Neo Primato in FAEMA

[B][I]Please view the new post with a proper poll on these color schemes. Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience[/I][/B] I posted the gist of the following content on another site but would like some of the RBR membership's voice on the topic of different Faema schemes. I'm pretty close to ... Read More »

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