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Dolan Scuro Frames

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MSRP : $3550.00

Product Description

• Italian made ultralight curved top tube Dedacciai full carbon frame with integrated headset.
• Dedacciai Black Fin full carbon monocoque fork
• Dedacciai full carbon aero seatpost

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Guerciotti Scuro RS owners in Orange County?

Anyone out there riding a Guerciotti "Team Replica" or (AKA, Dedacciaia Scuro RS) in the Orange County area? Would like to know. My Bike is the Michele Scarponi replica. ThanksRead More »

2005 Ridley Damocles frame vs 200x Deda Scuro HCR frame

I havent posted very much because I wasnt a big road biker before, but am starting to get into it now from XC - please be kind! Anyway, I currently have a 2009 Kona King Zing, which is a rebadged Deda Scuro HCR frame. I dont know what year the Scuro HCR frame is actually from. Ive also got a used ... Read More »

Deda Scuro Carbon Frame

Hi, I'm looking into buying one of these frames. Anybody got any info on ride quality/frame stiffness/build quality/value for money etc? ThanksRead More »

Read More »



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