Eddy Merckx AXM Frames

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Merckx bicycles are a great all around experience. The AXM uses the sportier, race bred Corsa geometry yet retains security with a slightly longer wheelbase and more relaxed seat tube angle and generous fork rake with less toe overlap. The geometry and materials package makes for a great century bike which climbs well and handles extremely well under high speeds. The curved top tube and seat stays add to the bikes compliance, while head tube and bottom bracket offer a petrified, plank of catapulting efficiency.

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Help! AXM Headset Info Needed

My 2008ish (dunno may be 2009, bought it on clearance in 2010) Merckx AXM frame is in need of a new headset. The stock FSA that came with the frame is kaput. I had done what I thought was thorough research and ordered a 1 1/8" Campy record hiddenset TTC, but my shop told me that it wasn't the corr ... Read More »

AXM and 3XM ready to roll!

After a cycling related rough patch in my life, e.g., major bike accident and 2 merckx steel legends stolen within a 5 days time frame, I have slowly pieced together my recent life's setback puzzle. I picked up these NOS framesets from Queens in South Africa. Renter's insurance came through b ... Read More »

Ride and handling: SXM vs. AXM vs. EMX-5

Is the AXM so stiff as to be uncomfortable for long rides? I hear the SXM is more compliant - true? Where does the EMX-5 fit in this spectrum? How would you describe the handling of these three bikes, especially for fast, snaky downhill courses? Does your experience suggest other comments on these b ... Read More »

Paid ad/spam AXM for sale

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Merckx AXM RBR charity auction

See the below link........ [url]http://forums.roadbikereview.com/showthread.php?t=224372[/url]Read More »

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