Fezzari T5 Frames

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Product Description

The newest, fastest TT bike from Fezzari. A new frame designed with speed, efficiancy, and power in mind.

So, your goal is to win your next triathlon. You're already in good shape but can't figure out how to shave that extra time off to get from 7th to 1st. You need a secret weapon.

Introducing Fezzari's newest flagship for the Triathlon/TT market - the T5. Our goal was to build the best bike on the market in the category.

We a completley redesigned frame for 2012 the Fezzari Racing Design FA1 3K Carbon Monocoque Aero frame was designed to be sleek, durable, light, and aerodynamic. We used the best carbon on the market - 3K carbon - and then created the frame in one piece - monocoque design.

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