Litespeed Xicon Frames

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Product Description

The Litepeed Xicon Road Bike Frameset somehow solves the titanium conundrum: how to maintain top-of-the-line performance without blowing up the price tag.

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Litespeed Xicon raceable?

Hey, just curious as these frames look beautiful. I am just a cat5, but I like having a "racy" bike. I am currently on a Tarmac Pro SL, and I like the geometry. One review I read of the Xicon said it had a tall headtube, but it was basically the same length as my tarmac plus or minus a cm. I am ... Read More »

Carbon ride VS Litespeed Xicon/Lynskey Helix VS Litespeed Vortex 2002

If I want to not feel as tired due to feeling ever little thing I ride over... must it I buy a carbon frame? It just seems like after my ride all the road buzz adds up. I am 6'1" 170 or so. Now Vortex: I think about 2002, it was the first year Campy came out with 10 spd. I find it to be too harsh ... Read More »

3 Lynskeys vs. Litespeed Xicon

Ok, so the Lynskey options are the Cooper, Sportive, and R230 against the Xicon. First a little background- I am helping a friend look for roadbike that he can ride in comfort. He was originally looking at the Specialized Roubaix Rival Compact but I successfully talked him out of it (I hate Spec ... Read More »

Xicon and Archon Ti ride feel.

I would like to get some info on the ride feel of the Archon and Xicon Ti bikes. I have been wanting a new bike and have been looking around and "found" Litespeed. How does the above bike ride? i have been told by friends that Titanium bikes are not responsive and just dont feel right. GO Carbon ... Read More »

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