Origin 8 Adrenaline Frames

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Product Description

  • 7005 triple butted alloy frame construction
  • Hydrofromed top and down tubes
  • Full high modulous Carbon fiber fork

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Adrenaline Bikes

Has anyone shopped at Adrenaline Bikes? They seem to be on par with other online shops, but I could not find any reviews. Please let me know before I give them a bunch of hard earned money!!! Thanks!Read More »

A new possibility for the REAL lawnje adrenaline junkies...

I'm not crazy enough to try it, but daaammmmm......... the video's nice quality -- full screen is pretty scary schitt...... Base jumping with a TWIST. A scary-@ss twist.Read More »

Origin 8 Adrenaline frame?

I have seen these made in Taiwan full carbon frames for sale at good prices on the net.Has anyone used a Origin 8 frame or have any feedback on them?Any clue as to which factory in Taiwan makes them?Thanks for any replies-Jordan.Read More »

Anyone wearing a Gill Adrenaline Jacket?

I was in my local PB shop looking for a cool/cold weather jacket and found a Gill Adrenaline on the rack, which I bought. I liked it a lot because it fit my frame (6'4", 170lbs., 37" sleeve). Most of the other jackets that fit my shoulders were too short in the torso. The front of a Gore was above ... Read More »

Once the adrenaline hits I am stupid. Cat 4s rant.

I knew coming into yesterdays crit I had to keep my self in the pack, out of the wind. I didnt recover well from Saturday's strenuous ride but I thought I could handled the race. This was my first time racing on this particular course. About half way into the race, I felt ok and some how I found my ... Read More »

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